A Fixer Upper House has to have Pretty Windows and More!

After checking out the exterior of a home, the possible client then goes in and checks the interior. The furniture is regarded as accessories of a house, but it is the other crucial stable points in the house – such as the windows, roof, fencing, patio and porches – that provide the foundation and must also be taken a look at.

When it is a fixer-upper home, it is the seller’s task to replace parts of the house that needs replacing. That may be costly but it is an investment that is wisely done and compensated afterwards.

Like the rule often applied in life, why let someone do it, when you can do it yourself?

1. Window

Check if the window needs repainting or new glass. If they do then make sure that the measurements are accurate so as to not waste time, effort and money in putting in newly-bought glass to the window’s structure, only to find out that it doesn’t fit.
Brush the glass clean to make it attractive for the possible buyer.

The difference between repairing to replacing the window is the acquired cost. If you are to repair the window, it would cost less than if you have it entirely replaced. If you believe that you have enough skills to repair the window yourself, then just get the materials and do the work hands-on. If not, call your nearest window provider and assist them by giving them the dimensions of the windowsill.

2. Roof

Now when you first see a fixer-upper house, check if there are leaks coming from the roof. Signs would be the stagnation seen on floor. Constantly wet floor that is resulted from the ceiling’s drip would leave brownish or yellowish marks. These are found on the edges of the floor.

This is hard work if you are to repair it yourself and is costly if you have someone replace it for you. This is a job that is often left to the experts. Carpenters pretty much know the 411 on roof foundations and when they are called in, not only will they patch up the holes on the roof, they’ll also check if the roof is infected by termites and other unwanted colonies that ruin a house’s foundation in time.

3. Fencing

What’s a good garden if fencing is blah? It helps to present the fixer-upper house at its finest, inside and outside. So from the windows to the roof, we head back to the garden and check out fencing.

This can easily be done on your own. Walk to your nearby handy-store and purchase the needed wiring that would highlight the garden. If the fences need to be painted, go. It’s always better to get a new set – something that shows starting anew.

If you are replacing the fence on your own, check if the lines are straight and not crooked. One jagged area may be a turn-off for a possible buyer. It is all about presentation.

4. Patio

Everyone needs a place to relax. Patios can never be overlooked in a fixer-upper house. When repairing the patio area, check if the patio set is still usable. If not, replace them by buying new ones. Make sure that the design goes well with the room.

What is important in the patio is the atmosphere. You must be able to enter and unwind. Check if appliances have to be bought such as little centerpieces you could put on the table or vases for flowers. Candles are also an option.

Double check if the ventilation is alright. If not, then consider your options in revamping the room for airflow.

5. Porches

Just like the garden, the porch also needs to be checked out. The porch is the welcoming party of the entire house. A porch must be inviting for the possible buyer. Therefore, it is advisable that the texture of the porch is comfortable and relaxing. Some houses even have swings. It’s always up to the owner what kind of porch he prefers. The important thing is the porch is one of the first things a buyer sees.

As mentioned earlier, repairing or replacing these areas of a fixer-upper house may be strenuous and costly, but who knows what the end product will result to? There’s a possibility that you could sell the property double the price you paid it for or better yet, re-think of selling it and just keep it for yourself!