A Definitive Guide to Closed Captioning Services

Closed Captioning (CC) refers to the text that is used to match the audio part of a video. This text is usually in a separate file that can be enabled or disabled as per user preference. Closed captions are basically used to understand a video (movie, TV serials, etc.) when the language of the audio is different from that of the viewers. This is also useful when the audio is unavailable, or the viewer just cannot hear (is deaf). There are many reputed companies that provide professional captioning services for movies, videos, video games, sports venues, conversations, video streaming online, telephones, theater and various other purposes.

Television and movie companies are now doing as much they can increase the accessibility of their programs and videos. This includes increasing the reach of such services to the deaf and hard of hearing community. By adding closed captions to the telecasted media, they can make sure that their videos are not limited to a particular region or a group of people. You can now easily hire a captioning company to do the job for you. They can write the perfect quality captions for any video of any length.

What to look for in closed captioning services?

Before you start searching a good closed captioning service, you should know what to look for in a company.

The Technology

Whether you are hiring a service for captioning, they must have an extended range of services. As you probably know, people are now watching videos on the internet through a number of devices including their cell phones, iPad, iPhones, and computers, so a company must be able to meet the requirements of different video supported platforms.

The Captioning Process

The process used for writing the captions and including them in the video may differ from one company to another. Also, the step-by-step process may vary for dissimilar types of projects. A good captioning service provider must have experience in different kinds of projects with different rates. They also should have the right equipment, software, and tools to complete the task smoothly.

The Closed Captioning Quality

Quality is the most important factor to consider in a closed captioning online service. Quality in this matter refers to the correct use of grammar, English language, proper characters naming, etc. But many video companies choose to ignore the quality factor mainly because of the high rates. But you can manage to find cheap but good closed captioning services if you just spend a little time researching.

The manpower

No matter how advanced the technology gets, it can never have the understanding of a human being. You can use the best software and tools to ensure the highest level of quality with the closed captioning, but the human factor is still important. By implementing the proper manpower, you can make sure to do well to improve the quality of the captioning.

If you are on a tight budget, be sure to compare the closed captioning rates while searching for a good service provider.



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