9 Healthy and Simple Ways to Brighten Your Morning

If you’re not a morning person, then you know how hard it is to function in the morning. You may wish you could sleep in until noon. But if you’re going to be productive, that won’t do. 

The good news is that your mornings don’t have to be that bad if you infuse activities you enjoy. There are simple ways to start the day, from drinking coffee to reading a chapter in a good book. 

Read on for some ideas on becoming a morning person who thrives! 

1. Start Your Day with Coffee 

You may or may not be a coffee drinker. If you’re a coffee newbie, then you’ll be thrilled to discover that coffee is healthy for you. It’s packed full of antioxidants that can improve your health. 

Most of us drink coffee for its caffeine and flavor. However, if you’ve been drinking coffee for a while, you may prefer to switch things up. 

For example, you can try something new, like a Vienna roast. Taylor Lane discusses this delicious roast more in-depth on their blog. 

2. Eat the Right Foods 

So that you have a productive and good day, it’s vital to fill your body with the right foods. Think leafy greens and fruit. 

A good option to get your veggies in is to make a green smoothie. If having greens in the morning is essential to you, a smoothie can do the trick. 

Other healthy morning food options are oatmeal and fruit with yogurt. 

Your body needs the proper nutrients to help you succeed. So, as tempting as it may be, it’s best not to eat sugary cereals. And, it would help if you also tried to stay away from donuts and Poptarts. 

3. Get Your Reading In 

Reading is good for so many reasons. A few ways it’s powerful is that it improves your writing and helps you absorb more knowledge

You may read articles and read over blurbs on social media. But if you’re up to the task, add reading novels to your list. There are many incredible authors out there waiting for you to discover! 

Pulling out a book first thing in the morning is the perfect way to start your day. It makes you focus on a task and reinforces a beneficial and positive habit.

Even if reading isn’t one of your favorite activities, it may very well become one if you find the right authors. So, dabble in reading novels, and you may find that it fastly becomes something you look forward to every morning. 

4. Get Your Heart Rate Up 

Stay healthy by making time for exercise every morning. Getting your heart rate up is essential, and you can do it when you get up. 

Find a morning workout you enjoy. For example, you may like running or doing exercises at home. Even pulling out a jump rope and jumping outside your garage works! 

If you struggle with exercising each morning, have a friend keep you accountable. You can invite them to come along with you! It’s a lot easier to follow through when there’s someone who’s counting on you! 

Be creative with your workouts, and you’ll improve your health and your mornings.

5. Spend Time with a Pet 

Pets make excellent companions, but often they lack attention. For example, if you’re a busy entrepreneur, it can be easy to forget about your furry pal. As a result, you may get distracted and not spend as much time with them as you usually would. 

So that they know you care, make time to play or cuddle with them in the morning. You can toss a ball around your home or take them on your morning run with you! Think of creative ways to involve them more in your day-to-day life. 

Making a habit of being there for your pet will benefit you both. You both will look forward to your time together every morning! 

6. Sleep in Once in a While 

Your body needs rest, so allow yourself to sleep in every once in a while. Sleeping in may sound lazy to you, especially if you get up at a particular hour each day. But taking the time to get extra rest may be just what you need. 

So, the next time you take a vacation or have a day off, allow yourself to sleep in past 9 AM. You may find that you feel rejuvenated and more eager to get more done in the coming week! 

7. Do Some Journaling 

If you haven’t tried journaling before, there’s no time like the present! But, of course, starting a journal doesn’t mean you have to write non-stop. Sometimes, jotting down quick notes about your progress is just as effective. 

For example, if you want to improve your posture, keep track of what exercises you’re doing daily. Likewise, if you’re monitoring your moods, jot down how you’re feeling that day. 

Keeping a journal is beneficial for many reasons. And, writing things down first thing in the morning is wise. Then, your mind is fresh, and you can quickly reflect on the day before and the new one that’s here! 

8. Repeat Positive Affirmations 

Positive affirmations are powerful. That’s precisely why you should repeat a few each morning! 

Saying “I am a strong person who can get through anything” is an example of a positive affirmation. If you want something to come true, you could say, “I will make it happen.” 

Being positive and saying things out loud will likely bring them to fruition. Plus, it’ll enable you to think more positively. It’s a great morning habit to have as it sets the stage for a beautiful day ahead! 

9. Choose One Person to Reach Out to Each Morning 

Staying in touch with loved ones requires effort, and what better time to reach out to a loved one than the morning! 

Choose a person to send a quick text to each morning. It can be a short or long text to let that person know you’re thinking of them. 

Instilling this habit is an easy way to check in with your loved ones. And, it’ll brighten their morning when they receive your text! 


Now that you have some ideas about brightening your morning, start doing them! You may find that you like some of these tips more than others. But, no matter which habits you instill, they’ll no doubt improve the rest of your day!