7 Ways an Effective Presentation Can Boost Your Business

For any entrepreneur, it’s important to be able to present your company and its product or service in the best possible way. One of the keys to successful selling lies in being able to pitch your business to potential customers and investors, and there are many different ways you can do this that make all the difference when it comes to closing the sale. Here are seven ways an effective presentation can boost your business.


The following are seven ways that you can use to make your presentation more effective. They might be good for a business, but they work just as well in other contexts.

1) Be clear and concise. Don’t confuse your audience with excessive details. The goal of a presentation is to communicate information, not bore the audience with too much data at once.


2) Be organized and structured. Provide a plan of what you’re going to say and how you’re going to present it in the order that makes sense to your listeners. Leave out anything that doesn’t contribute to your main point or distracts from it instead of adding value. Make sure there’s always some sort of purpose behind each sentence, paragraph, slide or idea.

3) Emphasize key points with graphics. People remember 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read-but over half the time when they see something visually on a screen or board.


4) Use short sentences and paragraphs. You want people to read everything-so don’t give them any reason not to. 5) Avoid superlatives, vague statements and personal anecdotes unless necessary. When someone says This is the best way to do X, most people assume that X is something important-which means they won’t take anything else seriously. Same goes for saying it was really hard, which begs the question Compared to what? And even though we all have personal experiences we find memorable, these moments should only be used sparingly because they usually don’t help us achieve our goals as communicators .

6) Tell stories instead of giving facts. One great story can often replace ten bullet points worth of facts because it resonates with audiences and sticks better than mere facts ever could .