7 Good Luck Gifts on New Year to Wish Someone Close

A new year marks the beginning of a new start, which brings unexpected moments in everyone’s life. It’s a precise moment for leaving past things and embracing new change and challenges. A lot of people make resolutions on this day that require both dedication and an actionable plan. For many people, it’s a reason to dress up and go out. Equally, many believe that good luck in the New Year isn’t just about what you eat and drink. There are certain things you need to promote balance and happiness in your life. Along with talent, hard work, and skills, good luck plays a key role in achieving the desired results. You may tell good luck is a factor bestowed by destiny. But do you know there are few symbols to attain good luck and better opportunities? Here are some amazing New year gift ideas with which you can wish good luck to your loved ones. 

 1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is considered an auspicious plant and a best New year gift that is known to attract good health, prosperity, and good fortune. You can place the lucky bamboo plant at your business desk. Equally, the green color of the plant will soothe your senses and will help your loved ones make better decisions in the workplace.

 2. Arowana fish statue

Have you ever imagined a fish bringing good luck? In Feng Shui, an Arowana fish is considered a powerful symbol to bring good luck. It helps one attract wealth, good luck, and a successful career. Thus, placing the Arowana fish statue in the North direction is believed to bring better career opportunities. 

 3. Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is one of the best new year gifts, as it is the symbol of vivaciousness and energy. It is known to bring peace, abundance, joy, and wealth, and thus prove the ideal gift for any occasion. So, this New year, bring a ray of sunshine to your loved one’s home by presenting them with a statue of Laughing Buddha.

 4. Horseshoe

In the older days, people used to dangle an iron horseshoe to keep away evil energies and bring good destiny. Today, these charms are available in sterling silver and thus they make an excellent happy new year gift for your friends and family members. 

 5. Green Aventurine Pyramid

Sounds interesting! A Green Aventurine is a stone that attracts wealth and this is a promising good luck gift idea for your new business. This gemstone also channelizes the flow of energy around the heart, thereby preventing emotional trauma and diseases. Thus, you may give this gemstone as a new year gift for husband, who is starting a new venture or a job.

 6. Chi Lin

Chi Lin is a mythical Chinese beast with the body of a horse, the head of a dragon, and the scales of a carp fish. Chi Lin is also recognized as a Chinese unicorn or Dragon Horse that brings shielding energy along with good health and prosperity. Keeping Chi Lin at your business desk will bring good luck to your work atmosphere. But, remember you always get them in pairs. 

 7. Beckoning cat

Often you might have seen a cat symbol at the entrance of some restaurants, shops, and offices. But do you know the real significance behind it? It’s a fortune cat, also known as Beckoning Cat, and is derived from the Japanese term ‘Maneki Neko’. These symbols are available in variant colors, but especially the golden color of the beckoning cat represents wealth and prosperity. Equally, if the right paw of this cat is raised, it means it is inviting good fortune. On the other hand, the left paw is supposed to attract customers. 

Bottom lines

A new year is an opportunity to alter your mindsets and become healthier and happier. All the above-mentioned New year gifts are best to wish your loved one’s good fortune and start their beginnings in new form and shape. 



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