7 Awesome Benefits of Guest Posting

Win-win for everyone You guest post for them on their blog and they in turn guest post for you. What’s not to like? Guest blogging offers incredible benefits for anyone who chooses to participate. There are probably more than 7 benefits, but here is a list of my favorite reasons for guest posting or hosting a blog. 1) Cast a wider net over your target groups

All of these benefits come from posting on blogs that target the same niche market as you. what does that mean to you? As a guest blogger, you reach a new audience that really wants to hear what you have to say. and you’ll increase traffic to your website at the same time. As a network marketer, you can try niche-specific forums like betternetworker.com and businessforhome.


org.2) Build a web presence The more you surf the web, the more people will perceive you as an “expert”. You already have a vote of trust: the blogger you’re posting for trusts you enough to allow you to talk to their readers. If possible, try to guest post on authority sites.


These opportunities are rare as authority sites receive hundreds of guest blogging requests each day, but they’re worth trying. Getting approved to post on an authority site is a big step up. You can always try getting invited to less competitive blogs first. 3) Find your own score

By posting to other blogs, you’ll have an “In” for relevant bloggers writing for you. It’s only natural that these guests should be able to link to your page from your blog so their followers can see what they’ve written on your page. Quality backlinks are obviously desirable for SEO purposes. Oh yes, and get more traffic to your blog. 4) Get lots of attention


Here are some ways you can use this technique to connect with other bloggers:* You can make money from guest posting.* You can make money from shared advertising revenue.* Introduce yourself to new readers. A good starting point is to aim to post on 10 different blogs each month.

5) An Exercise in Excellence One benefit of guest posting on other blogs is that you can write outside of your bubble and see how your content compares to others in your industry. If the blog you work on on the side usually has a lot of receptive readers and your guest post gets very little attention, you know what to do. 6) Increase Your Social Media Activity Another amazing benefit of guest posting is that you will see activity on your social media sites increase.

This phenomenon makes sense. You’ll be posting in a new place, getting more exposure, and making more friends 7) Fun Factor Honestly, guest posting or having a guest on your blog is fun. It’s good to challenge yourself by posting on other people’s blogs.

You’re in the networking business – you love meeting new people and making new connections. The next time you hit the proverbial writer’s block or find your blogging juice is running low, break out of your bubble and post somewhere else as a guest for the day.