6 Things You Thought You Knew About Coffee

After crude oil, coffee is the most traded commodity in the world. That makes it pretty popular. It’s why there’s coffee franchise opportunities popping up all over the place. More and more people are starting to take on coffee franchise opportunities. If you love coffee, you want more freedom over your working day, and you’re interested in working more autonomously than you could otherwise, it could be a good option.

Coffee gets a bit of a bad reputation. It can’t be all bad though, since we drink more than 500 billion cups of coffee between us per.

Coffee Causes Insomnia

Coffee isn’t a direct cause of insomnia. That said, having a cup just before bed is a fairly terrible idea because caffeine wakes you up, and stays in your system for around 8-10 hours. If you’re running a coffee franchise opportunity and you drink a cup in the morning and go to bed at 11pm you should still be able to doze off in no time.

Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Drink Coffee

It is definitely best to avoid caffeine during pregnancy, but one or two cups a day is within the tolerance level. The maximum amount of caffeine you should have per day while pregnant is 200mg; any more can potentially lead to miscarriage, or a baby with a low birth weight.

Remember that it isn’t just coffee that contains caffeine.

Coffee Is A Diuretic

As long as your cup contains no more than 550mg, caffeine won’t act as a diuretic. You’ll be happy to hear that drinking a large coffee from a coffee franchise opportunity will affect you no differently from glass of water the same size. All the water in your coffee will still help with hydration as well, so it isn’t all bad.

Dark Roasts Contain More Caffeine Than Light Roasts

Caffeine is partially burnt off in the roasting process, so dark roasts actually contain less caffeine than their lighter counterparts. The richer taste is due to the way the oils in the bean react to the heat.

Coffee Should Be Kept In The Freezer

If you’re a fresh coffee person you might have thought the freezer was the best place to store it. Coffee is impacted by exposure to light, moisture, and air. Freezers are actually quite damp and the moisture can permeate the beans, which will negatively impact the flavour. The fridge isn’t the best idea either because the other food odours in a fridge can impact on the taste of your coffee.

The best place for your fresh coffee is an airtight container kept somewhere cool.

Coffee Is Addictive

This is a bit of a difficult one. Caffeine doesn’t impact negatively on users the same way other addictive substances do, but as it stimulates the central nervous system and regular consumption can cause cravings and reliance, it depends how addiction is defined.

Coffee franchise opportunities can be found all over the country, so when you’re looking for a new challenge, and you’re passionate about providing a much needed service to remote locations then look no further. It’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!



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