5 Window Treatment Ideas To Improve Your Home

Coming up with interesting window treatment ideas that
bring out the best in your windows as they bring in the
sunshine, is a challenge to anyone with a yen to decorate.
There are tons of non-traditional options and tips to make
the most of what you have, and give your windows that
million dollar look on a mostly discount budget.

How about recycling old items? If you inherited lace
tablecloths that are no longer fresh and white, you can
still get a lot of mileage and an interesting antique
window treatment, by using a sewing machine to turn the
tablecloths into window curtain panels. You might even
have some old lace curtains on hand, that need to be
brightened, but the bleaches have failed you.

Accept their “age” and build on it, by staining them with
tea for a totally antique look. Simply take a bucket and
use half hot water and half boiling water, to “steep” 30
black tea bags. When the water is dark, add your curtains
and stir the mixture. Then let them sit for 30 hours, with
the occasional stir to keep the color evenly distributed.
Remove the curtains, squeeze out the liquid, and hang them
to dry.

Window treatment ideas aren’t always about curtains. The
once popular wooden window blinds are making a comeback
with people who prefer the warm, natural tones of wood to
go with a wide variety of décors. Antique folding window
covers can be had for a song at garage and auction sales,
then refinished, and if you are artistic at all, decorated
with tole paintings.

Little touches can add a lot to plain curtains. If you
have a set of long, lined drapes and would like to liven
them up, place small hooks or other mountings above where
the rod is held, and top your curtains with silk flower
garlands, or just silk greenery. There’s no more fuss to
cleaning these, than there is to washing a swag or valance.
Just put a little soft dish soap in a tub of water, swish
the silk garland around, rinse and hang to dry.

Your window treatment ideas are limited only by your
imagination, and the time you have to spend decorating.
Some of the most interesting and attractive looks are born
from using leftovers, cast-offs and your own ingenuity.



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