5 Things You Need to Know About Google+

Google+ is a platform for enhanced social networking sites, launched on June 28, 2011. Subsequently, a version of Google + was launched for a younger group of 13 years and above on January 26th, 2012. This impeccably designed interactive tool is basically one of the Google web applications which can be directly linked to your Gmail account and other Google Apps. Google + is an efficient and perfect place for generating greater traffic to your site and growing your business. This application is a cluster of very many features, but the fabulous five things you need to know about Google+ are discussed below:


Google + is a lot more than just chatting and adding numbers to your pal count. It is an ideal place to gather and do much talking on topics focusing on similar interests. It’s an appreciable amalgamation of fun and knowledge which helps people grow faster and get aware of what’s going on. Circles options help in the systematic management of contacts by placing different people under different labels with clarity depending on relationships and interests areas. Four standard circles available on Google+ are Pals, Family, Acquaintances, and Following.


Google+ is a perfect destination to hang out with all your friends in one instance. It is loaded with features like chatting, sharing videos, uploading photos, messaging, connecting through phones, and lots more. Google+ is an exceptionally designed fun space for relaxing, enjoying, and sharing all your stuff.

Gaming Zone

If you are on Google+, forget that there is something called boredom. It features many Games to make you feel relax or get reactivated at any instance of time. It has 35+ games which range from strategic war fields to sporty races along with gaming updates for sharing your active status.

Searching Scope

Google+ search tab opens gates for you to get what’s on your mind. Type in anything about your concerned area whether sports, fashion, science, or politics; Google+ display all searchable updates from different resources available on it. You are educated with updates from your circles, web, and other public posts on Google+.


Being one of the social networking platforms, Google+ has predefined and superior privacy policies for its users. No one can be added to your account instantly. After the registration process, you have the authority to add people. In case someone adds you, you have the right to join his circle or remove him from the list at any time. Sharing your post, video chats, and albums are designed on similar norms. The best part, no third-party comments will be shown in your notification box to bother you each time.

There are many other features of Google + which prove to be a sure-shot attraction for anyone, like Google+ Badges, Spark, Data liberation, Ripple, Google+ pages, etc. Google has created a vast space for people of the world to come together, interact and globalize. It is a simple means to update yourself with all current knowledge in regard to areas of your interest.

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