5 Opportunities To Have An Amazing Getaway in Red River, New Mexico

Preparation for a trip to Red River, New Mexico should be a highlight in anyone’s travel Rolodex. After all, you are visiting cool, new places such as the Rockies and Carson National Forest, inspiring places that showcase the natural beauty of the country. Nothing hurts an adventure more than a vacation seemingly falling flat on its face.

But what exactly can be considered ‘amazing’? It isn’t that hard, and it may require you to think a little differently, but you’d be surprised how easy ‘amazing’ can be. Here is a breakdown of five ways you can have an amazing getaway when visiting Red River, New Mexico:

1. Enjoying Amazing Weather – The mountains provide some of the most temperate weather imaginable. Temperatures can often be an amazing mid-70s during the day and chilly in the evenings enough to warrant some hot cocoa and quality time by the fire. Granted, it is a small thing to be excited about, but when you are planning your next vacation, keep in mind that an amazing opportunity does not have to be too extravagant.

2. Plan to be Comfortable but Have Fun with It – Even with such great weather, be sure to check out the local weather as a way to help plan. Their Chamber of Commerce website actually provides a weather report & live webcams to help. But, try to think of planning your clothing as a fun “pre-vacation” activity for the whole family. Make the fun continue & raise the level of amazing as you plan a night out on the town in Red River with the family stepping out “dressed to the nines.”

3. Physical Fitness – Because it is the great outdoors, and because you’ll be moving around, a trip to Red River, NM provides plenty of ways to get out and exercise. There are plenty of trails to hike that appeal to all members of the family. For those that are a little more adventurous, mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding offer a “cool” way to keep your heart pumping.

4. Be a Picture Hound – While not be a vital item, having pictures of your amazing trip to Red River, NM is the icing on the cake of an awesome trip. Mountains & forest landscapes are why people visit this area of New Mexico, so make sure it looks good on film. In this day and age, it should go without saying, but be sure to travel with all necessary chargers and batteries.

5. Putting Family First – Stress levels and anxiety can build to dangerous levels as we spend more time looking at computer screens and sitting at desks for hours at a time. This, in turn, can create a toxic, unhealthy relationship with our family. A getaway to a mountain town like Red River allows you to build memories with your family because you are doing more together. You’re taking the time to put what is most important in your life first — the people you love most.



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