5 Must Pack Items For a Fall River Tubing Expedition In The Texas Hill Country

There is nothing as hot and fun as a Texas summer. Summertime for Texans reminds us of barbecues, friends, local craft beers, family, and natural beauty. While nature provides the heat, it also gives us the respite for it, Fall and tubing a river. Tubing down Texas rivers is a favorite fall activity as well that keeps us cool and allows us some relaxation with our friends and family. However, tubing under the blazing sun is nothing to take lightly, and the sun is still very much hot in the early fall season. The more prepared you are, the more likely you will have only great things to say about your tubing experience. Here is a guide for 5 must pack items for fall river tubing in the Texas Hill Country of Uvalde County.

1. Proper attire

Before setting off on your river float, whether the Frio, Nueces, or Sabinal Rivers, you will want to make sure you are wearing the proper attire. If it is a really hot day, a swim suit or swimming trunks should be worn so you can get comfortably wet yet dry off fast if necessary. For those who have sensitivities to the sun it may be wise to wear long sleeved shirts or even light linen pants to avoid too much sun exposure.

2. Water shoes or tight fitting sandals

Floating down the river in a tube seems easy enough, however, launching into the river to begin your adventure, or getting out to end it, can be complicated matters at times. While most tubing entrance points are designed for easy entry, if you are entering from a cabin or private riverside spot, you may need footwear. The Frio, Nueces, and Sabinal rivers have many tree roots and rocks in some entrances that can cause cuts and blisters if proper shoes are not worn. Wearing water shoes or sandals made for hiking are the best option. They provide grip and protection while also allowing you the freedom you’d have if you went barefoot.

3. Sunscreen

Under most instances you will be exposed to direct sunlight and at the very least UV rays – even on a partly cloudy day. Although the Sabinal River will have plenty of shade from trees, make sure you lather up with copious amounts of sunscreen. Don’t forget to put some on your face, ears and other exposed parts and reapply as necessary after water exposure. You don’t want to end your tubing experience dealing with a nasty sunburn.

4. Sunglasses and shade

If you have sensitive eyes, wearing sunglasses, especially polarized ones, will be very helpful. It will keep the glare from stinging your eyes and will allow you to feel more relaxed. Also, bringing a hat or some form of shade can help keep you head cool and improve your vision.

5. A cooler

Being out in the sun can dehydrate you quickly. Even though you are literally surrounded by water, you won’t be able to drink any of it. Bring a cooler with beverages of your choice so you can stay hydrated. Star Rentals Canoe and Kayak provide a special tube that can hold a cooler if you ask and pay for it. Also, many of the towns in Uvalde County do not serve alcohol so a cooler will be required for your own.



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