5 Items You Absolutely Must Pack If You’re Visiting Red River, New Mexico

Preparation for a trip to Red River, New Mexico takes a little planning and common sense. After all, you are venturing into the Rockies and Carson National Forest, but you want to pack smart. Nothing hurts an adventure more than not having the essentials. But what exactly are the essentials?

Here is a breakdown of five items that you MUST have with you when visiting Red River, New Mexico:

1. Prescriptions/Medications/Important Information – If you’re taking medication, always be sure to have it with you. It is not a bad idea to keep extra medicine with you in the event that your trip has any unforeseen delays. It might also be a good idea to keep a copy of your doctor’s prescription. Red River, NM can be a bustling area that caters to the needs of its many visitors, but be proactive. Be sure to also have insurance information and emergency phone numbers — just in case.

2. Toiletries – These are the “little things” we tend to forget when packing for a trip. Toothpaste, sunblock, deodorant, and lip balm with SPF are all important items. Red River, NM has numerous activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and fishing, so having the right “little things” available is very important. It is recommended that you pack these items in a resealable bag. This way, if your containers should crack or leak, your other belongings are protected.

3. Protective Clothing – Before traveling to Red River, be sure to check out the local weather as a way to help plan. Their Chamber of Commerce website actually provides a weather report & live webcams to help. Items such as a good hat, warm coat, or a portable rain poncho can be vital. Sunglasses are also an important clothing item most people don’t think about, but keeping your eyes protected should be at the top of your list. These items can make the difference between having a great time exploring or being “all washed up.”

4. Think Layers – More often than not, the weather is wonderful. Highs in Red River, NM tend to be cool and comfortable during the day (think 70s), but evenings are a different story as it can get downright chilly. Temperatures also change as you move up and down in elevation. In order to be ready for these changes, you need to dress in layers. A light sweater, long-sleeve shirts, a couple of pairs of socks, a good jacket, and thermal undergarments are important to keep you protected from the elements and keep you comfortable.

5. A Great Camera – You might think that a camera might not be an essential item, but having pictures to remind you of your amazing trip to Red River, NM is the icing on the cake of an awesome trip. Mountains & forest landscapes are why people visit this area of New Mexico, so capture it well. Be sure to have all necessary chargers and batteries with you.



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