4 Easy Steps on How to Become a Wikipedia Editor

Even though it calls itself an encyclopedia that everyone can edit. You must learn the ropes first. Accordingly to the steps below you can become a good editor on Wikipedia.

1.   Creating Account

Of course, you can edit the articles on Wikipedia without registration but it is not a good idea. The server usually bans public IPs (or VPN users) from the resource in this way it protects itself from spam. That is why much easier to edit the articles from the created account, providing an email address is optional, but it saves you a lot of time in the future.

You can start making edits immediately after registration, but if you’ll wait for at least four days and after that create ten edits you’ll become an “auto-confirmed” user. As of information from May 2022, there are 124,404 active registered users that have made edits during the last month.

Creating an account includes editing your preferences from the top-right part of the window. It includes managing your page appearance, watch list, global preferences, and notifications.

Do not forget about your signature sample. This will helps when you leave messages on other talk pages. For ordinary registered users, your signature is valuable for your identity.

2.   Take Practice on Sandbox

While are you awaiting auto-confirmation of your account you can practice your editing skills in this space. You may also need to learn highly useful “Wiki tags” they call their commands because wikipedia does not follow the WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) approach.

This servise was provide for practicing before posting or editing real article.

3.   Star Editing Articles

Better to start editing the article that nobody cares about because some of them are going to remain you: that “protected”, means that editing of this article can be only in twenty-four hours.

 After editing does not forget to add your edit summary that briefly describes the changes. Once done, simply publish your page, and add “watch it” reminted. You should have a decent numbers of edits connections to your name before you create a brand new wikipedia page.

4.   Tolerate With Other Editors

The first rule of the game is to be polite with the editors even though they are dismissive of your suggestions. The point comes to you when other well-ranked editors want to correct your edits. Try to avoid personal attacks and assuming good faith is important. Wikipedia has a specific tone in all its articles which you can follow with a few edits. You must not show Wikipedia community your differences with another editor. You must be sure that facts are on your side.


There is a time when you can collaborate with so many different intelligent minds has become. Despite the human factor on its platform Wikipedia has extremely high standards in the quality of its articles.