4 Benefits Of A Quality Office Coffee Maker

If you are gainfully employed on a regular basis, there is a good chance that coffee plays a huge role in your day. I tend to wait until I get to my office each day before I drink that first cup. It not only gives me something to look forward to when I get to work, but I also don’t waste my money buying coffee on the way to work. I bought a quality office coffee maker about two years ago that I store in my cubicle at work. It is a one cup coffee maker so it makes just enough for me and my caffeinated needs. The benefits of having my own coffee maker are numerous.

1. Save Money
I drive right by two of those very popular coffee shops each morning on my way to work. It is amazing to me how many people stop each day for their coffee and a donut without even thinking about how much money they spend each year. I must admit that I used to be one of those people but I changed my ways when I bought my own office coffee maker. I literally save hundreds of dollars per year by avoiding these coffee shops and waiting until I get to work.

2. Brew your Favorite Brand
I prefer one brand of coffee and with my single serve drip coffee maker I can brew that same brand every morning. I don’t have to settle for the type that my company offers to the rest of the employees. I used to drink the coffee offered at work but since I bought my office coffee maker, I brew my favorite brand each morning.

3. Can Get Creative
With my drip coffee maker, I can mix and match different types of coffee types to create my own custom brew. With a Keurig or K-cup coffee maker you don’t have that option and you have to drink the type of coffee that they offer. I used to brew my own beer and I thought it was great that I could create my own craft beer with whatever ingredients I wanted to add. With brewing my own coffee each morning I have that versatile option.

4. Upgrades your Office Decor
I’m always looking out for upgrades for my office. A small single cup coffee maker in the corner of my office allows me to create my own coffee corner. Since it is a single-cup version, it is small enough to fit perfectly in the corner of my desktop and even adds to the décor of my office. I’m also thinking of adding a small burr coffee bean grinder to my coffee corner so that I can grind my own coffee beans and enjoy the freshest coffee that I can possibly make.

Coffee plays a big part in my working life so the way I look at it, why not try to drink the freshest, most delicious coffee I can each day. At the same time, I’m not paying exorbitant prices at the local coffee shop but I’m drinking better coffee. Take it from me and upgrade your office environment with a quality office coffee maker. It will take a few minutes to brew it on your own each morning but the effort is more than worth it!



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