3 Tips For A Fun Time Camping With Kids

Nature has a lot to offer to both kids and adults. And, if your family is growing, it is the right time to think of a family camping trip. Kids of all ages will definitely enjoy the full-on sensory experience that nature offers.; playing with the dirt, lighting campfires, enjoying the view of star-dotted skies at night, and listening to the call of the owls. 

In what follows, we’ll highlight useful tips to make camping with the kids fun

Useful Tips For Fun Camping With Kids

Plan ahead

You can avoid stressful scenarios during a family camping trip by preparing right from the start. Think of where you want to go and pick a kid-friendly campsite. The place should be dry, well-sheltered from wind, and within fun attractions sites and playgrounds. 

Your family needs should also guide you towards picking the ideal campgrounds. Do you want the kids to enjoy the primitive nature or to have the luxuries while out there? However, for a start, choose a place with more amenities, and you can advance it to remote adventurous areas during subsequent trips.

Pack the right supplies for your family

Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you are missing some essentials when you are already at your campsite. Prepare a list of what you will need and tick as you put it in the backpack to avoid leaving out any.

Here are ideas of what you should pack:

Camping gear

Organize your camping gear, starting with the right tent size based on your family’s size. If your family is too big with different age groups, consider taking a couple of smaller tents or a multi room tent. Giant tents are stressful to set up, especially if you are not used to them. But, always practice setting up the tents at home before heading to your campsite. Alternatively, you can opt for a blackout tent if you don’t want your children to be awakened by the slightest sunlight.     

You will also need to pack sleeping bags and camping utensils. Categorize your supplies as you put them in cardboard boxes or clear plastic bins to avoid spending a lot of time trying to trace your essentials at the campsite.

Pack favorite food and snacks for your kids

If the kids are not satisfied with the food and snacks during camping, you will have a hard time keeping them focused on other activities. Involve your kids in menu planning and pack based on their suggestions. Prioritize ready-to-go snacks to ensure there is something for them to bite whenever they are hungry along the way or at the campsite. 

The food choices should also be easy to cook and clean up. 

Prepare for challenges that you may face

You can only plan much with kids on vacation, but still, things can take an unexpected turn. Since you want them to enjoy the trip, you should be ready for surprises and challenges that come your way. Always maintain a positive attitude no matter the situation, and your kids will follow suit. 

Be ready to change the course if activities don’t go as planned. For instance, if you had planned to hike or swim, but it rains, be ready to give up on the activities and engage in others that won’t stress the kids. 

Finally, think of safety in everything you do. As the #1 rule, take your children through safety precautions while camping. E.g., what they should do in case they get lost, and out-of-bound places when camping. Also, give each a whistle, teach them when and how to use it, and consider using glow sticks to enhance safety at night.