3 Reasons Why You Won’t Make Lots Of Dollars In Just A Few Days Marketing Online

Copy the title of this post and paste it on your favorite search engine and you can easily find articles and websites selling services or guides on how to earn instant money through marketing. The fact is that whatever result you may get out of this keyphrase telling too good to be true claims are just what they appear to be: too good to be true.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the only way to earn lots of money (at least legally) is to work hard and to dedicate hours working to promote the product you are selling or the services you are offering. But then, many still fall prey to different schemes that can be found online.

Why you won’t make lots of dollars in just a few days of marketing online? I will give you 3 reasons:

Online presence doesn’t happen overnight. Simple. There are literally millions of websites that try to get to the top of the page rank. You cannot simply grab the first page by just a few days of marketing. You have to make your presence known and the only way to do it is through time.

Competition – Suppose you have a new website to launch and you want to promote it online, do you think you can compete with more established websites that have a team, or even an entire building of employees who are dedicated and are paid to keep the site on top of the search engine?

Simple Logic – If the author of the book, the owner of the website, or the producer of the DVD that sells “secrets” and “techniques” on how can you earn big bucks online within a short period of time, then why do they have to share it with you? If they have the secret to earning big online, why would they share it to you?







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