10 The Different Types of Social Marketing

Keeping your customers loyal is the key to any successful business. Loyal customers are more likely to buy from you and they will also refer to other people about your company. Here are a few ways you can increase customer loyalty:


– Offer something exclusive for loyal customers such as a special monthly newsletter, first access to new products, or discounts on current items. – Reward your best customers by sending them handwritten thank you notes, gift cards, or free merchandise. – Make sure that when someone posts good feedback about your company on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you publicize it by re-posting it so that all of your followers see it. You should post things like Thanks @jenniferrobinson_97, we appreciate our clients! or thanks @johnsmith9876! We’re always looking for great reviews! These little shoutouts help build trust between you and your customers. They also make your potential customers feel like they matter, which encourages them to come back again in the future.


All in all, there are plenty of different ways to reach out to potential customers through marketing channels. It’s important to choose the right channel based on your target audience’s interests and preferences. If you do this well enough, you’ll be able to attract more people than ever before who will want what you have. The world has become increasingly digitalized with more advertising coming at us everyday on TV, radio, Internet and billboards.


Advertisers use various techniques to persuade consumers and marketers alike find it difficult to keep up with consumer needs because consumers don’t act predictably or uniformly in response to marketing messages. A study found that 46% of Americans changed their purchase intention after seeing a digital ad compared with 12% after viewing an offline advertisement. Some commonly used techniques are Direct Response Advertising (Ads), Electronic Word-of-Mouth (E-WOM), Incentive Based Marketing (Incentives), Mobile Advertising, Product Placement (Products)