10 Steps To Create The Corporate Event Of The Year

The stereotypical corporate event will have awards, maybe some music, and perhaps a few lessons to teach and motivate your sales team, but little else in the way of entertainment. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few off-the-wall recommendations for making your corporate event, the EVENT of the year!

#1 – Bring in Elvis

Seriously, if Elvis is in the room, how can the event be boring? Hand the man a microphone and let him present the awards? Give him a guitar and let him bring back some Blue Suede Shoes! Bring in Elvis and rock the Corporate Event Season.

#2 – Add class with a String Quartet

Nothing in the world says House Party like a string quartet in the garden. If your event has the plausibility of including an afternoon tea, sunshine, and some exciting discussion over cucumber sandwiches and watercress salad, make sure the string quartet is playing your song.

#3 – Strolling Musicians Rock

Just sayin’ – you can do all kinds of incredible music selections, but if you have a few amazing strolling musicians mingling with your attendees, you’re going to improve the overall atmosphere of the event.

#4 – Invite a Professional Motivational Speaker

Outside of training, your single most impactful speaker should be a professional motivational speaker who will energize and innovate a desire to accomplish greater things.

#5 – Select Cover & Dance Bands

Raise the volume with cover bands that do ‘hot’ current hits, dance numbers, and improve the show with trending popular tunes. The more current hits the better your audience will love what’s happening on stage.

#6 – Stellar Theme Events

Who wouldn’t want to attend a masquerade party with delightful dance numbers, and the “Lady in Red” on the stage? By connecting early with your bands of choice, select themed events can happen with costumes and showcase selections. You choose.

#7 – Celebrity Showdown

Hire the band, and a selection of popular look-a-likes to attend your event, and give the celebrity look-a-likes microphones and a different corner of the audience where they can appear. Start the music and let the stars shine in their corner of the room.

#8 – Latin & Salsa Bands

CanCans and Hoop Skirts? Yes. Oh yes. Just smile and nod, we know you understand the impact these amazingly skilled, high-quality entertainers will have on your audience. It’s more than the dance, it’s the atmosphere.

#9 – Pianists Invite Mingling

A concert pianist playing a baby grand through dinner, during an interlude, or even later, as your audience mingles, getting to know each other and building strong teams can make your event stand out – for years. Memorable tunes will motivate and encourage your sales teams.

#10 – Jazz up a Show-Stopping Event

Who can resist a jazz band, adding rhythm to the event?







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