10 Simple Steps to Improve Your YouTube Video

I have a friend who decided to enter the International Living Nicaragua Contest. After going back and forth about whether or not to make or even enter the contest, she finally decided to do so. For those of you who are unfamiliar with IL Contests, it’s a contest where at least once maybe twice a year this company called International Living offers to send the winner of the contest all expenses paid to a foreign country for a one month stay. To enter the contest you must make and upload a video telling why you hope to win so that you can go on the trip to the chosen country.

This year, my friend decided to enter. After she told me about the contest and her entry I decided to view her video on YouTube and this is what I thought about her video. By the way, I forgot to tell you that after you make the three minute video you must upload it onto YouTube I suppose for everyone to see while at the same time giving the company exposure. (Smart move for the company)

As I viewed her video I started to think, how could this be improved upon. She definitely needs opinions from others. So here we go. Things you can do to improve your YouTube Videos.

  1. Always make sure the sounds are at an appropriate level. That is to say that they are loud enough for anyone to hear. Often times, the sounds are awful. Fortunately, my friend’s sound is adequate in portions.
  2. Have someone else hold the camera or use a tripod. This way, the camera will not shake and you will have a clear picture if the camera is focused correctly.
  3. Dress for success. What does this mean? Wear something appropriate that complements your complexion. If you are into what colors mean, you know what I am talking about. Here wear a color that goes well with your complexion and means what you are trying to say. Like, “I am happy.” or “I mean business” for just a couple of examples. You might ask, “What color would I wear to show happy?” You might wear yellows or another bright color to complement your complexion. For business, we all know a dark conservative color does the trick.
  4. Smile. Sometimes we get used to looking stern because of our jobs or positions in life. We think we must look so serious while not realizing that that look sticks with us. That stern look becomes our natural. Have you ever gone to the grocery store not really thinking of anything negative and someone passes you and states, “Smile, things can’t be that bad!” and you look up and began to smile while at the same time thinking to yourself that you must have had an evil or sad look on your face.
  5. Comb your hair. Even if you just took your hat off take your hand and brush you strands the best you can.
  6. Have fun or look like you are enjoying yourself. People tend to watch videos of people doing something crazy or stupid. So even though your video is about why you want to do something; have fun showing it on video do not make it look like a chore. So go ahead have fun doing it.
  7. Try to tape somewhere without background noise. Unless that’s what you want. Let’s say you want the roar of the sea or the people playing volleyball in the background. You don’t want the competition of voices in your background.
  8. Set you video up so people are willing to give you feedback on your project.
  9. Make sure you read all the rules and title your video correctly according to the contest rules, if it’s a contest you are entering.
  10. Use a video editor that you are familiar with and know how to use. My friend’s video is only three minutes long however the time on YouTube came out to read nine minutes and forty seconds. This will definitely affect how many views or hits. You figure it out. I can’t.

The rules to my understanding says, “A three minute video… ” maybe it counts as nine minutes and forty seconds instead. Who knows?

I’m sure there are other ways to improve upon videos, please give suggestions at the site.



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